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Left foot braking- power cut out

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  • Left foot braking- power cut out

    Is it just me or does the vxr stop us from left foot braking by cutting the power when the brake is applied under throttle. Felt like it did it to me yesterday.

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    TC on or off?


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      Gotta be a TC thing!


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        TC on.


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          Found this on an astra-sri post

          "left foot braking on regular production cars should only be used on rwd cars doing rolling burnouts....."

          Never tried it but it seems it's not the done thing!


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            That is so untrue. Left foot braking is extremly useful when cornering. With turbo cars it can be used to hold the car on boost before over taking. This enables faster acceleration for over taking. To say that left foot braking shouldnt be used on production cars is ridiculous.

            READ THIS>

            PLEASE NOTE: if youve never done it dont just go otu and try it because your left foot is used to the clutch and most people end up hitting the brake way too hard, and can be VERY dangerous. It should only be touched lightly. Also you must remember if your left foot braking and you need to stop you need to take your left foot off the brake in order to hit the clutch and put your right foot on the brake. So done use left foot braking when you might have to stop becuase it will go horribly wrong.


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              OK it said RWD - Rear Wheel Drive Cars!!!

              I do it on mine sometimes but I haven't got a clutch so it's easy!!


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                Ye i know what you said. Post edited, read the link though it's good.


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                  LFB'ing is more prominent technique on 4 wheel drive and front wheel drive cars and was developed mostly in Rallying.

                  Feathering of the front brakes lightens the rear enabling it to slide more round tight corners...simple really.


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                    My mates Corsa SRi 1.7 CDTi does the same thing it cuts the power when the brake is pressed even if you have your foot on the go peddle.


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                      Lift off oversteer is what left foot braking negates. It benefits any car, RWD cars need it less as the back end is already on the limits most of the time. It is a race technique for cornering.

                      1. Having the left foot over the brake saves the (roughly) 0.7 sec. it takes to come off the throttle & get to the brake. This is about 20 yards at 60MPH.

                      2. If you've misjudged a corner (yes, I know it shouldn't happen) & you find yourself with too much speed in the middle, what to do? If you take your foot off the throttle, you risk lift-off oversteer & end up going backwards, or in the hedge. Keeping throttle on & left foot braking keeps the car stable.

                      Now, the downside. if you drive an auto, your left foot is not used to the positive action used on a clutch so it will be easier to adjust (m3power). For those driving a manual, it would take some self-training to be progressive on the brake.


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                        So do we lower the back seats if LFB braking or not? Will the adjustment of weight distribution affect FWD cars to an extent that we need to be aware of?


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                          No, sit in the back and be prepared to shoot forward when you put your left foot on the brake