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Fitting an After Market Stereo

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  • Fitting an After Market Stereo

    I`m considering fitting my Apline DDin Multimedia head unit into my VXR, after buying the leads for the steering wheel controls it was brought to my attention that the stereo would not just fit straight in without leaving a gap around the unit.

    I was told that I`d have to buy a trim which would need cutting to size, filling and then sprayed to match accordingly.

    Is this true or were the shop trying to get another £40 of me and create aload more work for me in doing so.

    I`d be interested in hearing comments from you guys and pictures if possible before I start to rip my dashboard apart lol.

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    dont know mate but have one offerd up and see if you like it then buy it if not dont simple.


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      i was told that if you change the radio you invalidate your warranty, is this true?
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        No just the radio wont be coverd.

        If you read the books it is listed some where about the warrant and if stuff is cahnged.

        I'm sure it says your warranty wont be void if you modify but the part changed wont be coverd and if it can be proven that a modification has caused another part to fail then that wont be coverd.