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Tracker systems?

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  • Tracker systems?

    I was wondering if anybody has had a tracker fitted to their pride and joy?
    I paid for my Arden blue yesterday and after handing over the cheque for 19.5K thought that i really dont want to lose this baby! She arrives on 2 December and i now have to start the whole insurance quote thing! (Boring)
    I have found that trackers range from about 5-600 squid, But has anybody got one or any advice? :wink:

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    It's one of those personal opinion things. I'm not aware of anyones insurance company on here demanding a tracker being fitted and that is typically when people get trckers fitted!

    Most people are of the opinion that if someone nicks yr pride and joy they don't want it back. Chances are it's been totally ragged and possibly wrecked! I think they say better off getting Gap insurance!

    They don't provide you with anything extra in the car like an extra alarm etc it's just a peace of mind knowing that if your car gets knicked you are more likely to get it back and get it back failry quick! I have one in my M3 see it as just an extra cost per year and £450 to install. Just another cost of motoring!


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      Have got the GAP so that if it gets nicked i get a new one in replacement!
      Just wondered if anybody thought it was worth it? :P Got the leather as an added option too! Roll on 2nd December.

      Blue is best!