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inspection message on odommeter

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  • inspection message on odommeter

    car turned 3000 miles yesterday and exactly 8 months,didn't notice until yesterday but on ignition on and off 'insp 1000' comes up briefly,am i beng told 1st service due at 4000 miles.done another 20 miles since noticing but still says 1000.know there must be simple answer but couldn't find it it manual.anyone help

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    Does seem at little soon. Worth checcking out with dealer.


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      I ws told 20k or 1 year - the car is communicating with you - trust it and take it back. And ask for a discount.


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        Dave your right.

        As sparky said it does seem a bit soon, unless it was set up before you got the car.

        Did you order it from new or was it already at the dealers?


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          it was brand new and unregistered had been ordered for reg vardy garage manager but it had all the spec i wanted so skipped the queue and hijacked his(he wasn't impressed)may pop in to vardys tommorrow but won't let them go too far,not impressed with their mechanical staff.


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            When I bought mine as a pre-registered 06 last month (90 miles on the clock) they told me I might get the 1000 INSP warning. If I do, I'm to take it back and they'll sort it ....whatever that means...I presume they'll either change the oil or just just hook it up to the computer and overide it. If not, it's one year or 20k


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              you can do it your self if you know how i do.

              it does not need the TECH2 pluged in.

              its a time and mileage counter for the service thus if you do loads of miles it will come on sooner or if you dont do mant it will come on at about 11 monthes.


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                i have 3600 on mine now since sept and ahve had no lioghts come on at all so take it back wont take em a couple of min's to sort it .
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                  PM me and i'll tell you how to do it then i have to come round a shoot you as its a VXL clasified secret.