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Exhuast manifold upgrade

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  • Exhuast manifold upgrade

    Has anyone (apart from Jom) replaced or do you know of anyone who has replaced the factory fit exhaust manifold for a dbilas equal length high flow exhaust manifold (or similar)? Was this done using the VXR turbo or was the turbo also upgraded? What power increases and what problems have been noted?

    If someone was thinking about upgrading the ex manifold, what concerns might they wish to think about? What are (if any) the implications for other engine components (eg cam) or the lifespan of the car generally?

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    Re: Exhuast manifold upgrade

    A guys booked into Regals this week having a tubular manifold (a la Astra G) fitted, i'm waiting to see how that goes.


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      How do the tubular effect the exhaust note/noise ?? Rasp ??
      Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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        Thanks Jom - that will be interesting to see. Sorry, wasn't trying to exclude you in the original post. I just know you've spent plenty of time discussing your upgrades elsewhere and I didn't want a plethora of replies talking about what you've had done (we know! ). Your comments are always welcome especially on this kind of subject.

        I'm interested in the relationship between the exhaust manifold and the rest of the engine's components ie if you replace one should you replace the other? That's a compatibility issue. I think the manifold can be replaced as a stand alone part but would that be to the detriment of any other 'standard' parts in terms of engine longevity. If you're going to replace the manifold SHOULD you really be looking at other parts as well?

        By itself on a standard exhaust (ie no high flow down pipe or sports cat) what would the dbilas yield in terms of power gains? Anyone know? And WITH the down pipe and sports cat what gains (above the 5-12bhp ASSUMED for the full system) would there be?