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Is this normal?

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    Used to get a vibration noise from mine then realised it only happened on days when it wasn't sunny ..... It was the sunglasses rattling in the holder


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        Originally posted by MStacey
        Used to get a vibration noise from mine then realised it only happened on days when it wasn't sunny ..... It was the sunglasses rattling in the holder

        To the op, I'd get it down to one of the 3 main tuners (if your dealer is inexperienced with vxr's, like mine!) I'm having nightmares with my dealer. I got a warped brake disc protector within 5 minutes of owning my brand new astra. Took it back the other day to get it replaced. The guy working on my car was going back and forth between my car and a PC - it was obviously telling him how to fit it. Chances are if your dealer is inexperienced with vxr's, they'll prob go out with you in it, and just tell you its fine. I'm not necessarily saying all vaux mechanics are of a poor standard, but if they dont have a chance to work with vxr's on a regular basis, how can they give you precise, trustworthy information, and how can they understand the mechanics of them? A tuner will prob cost you an hour labour, but if there is something wrong, they might have more chance of finding it, as their knowledge of them are far greater.

        I know I'll be visiting one for anything what so ever in the future, especially after watching the mechanic working on mine the other day. He even saw me watching him work on my pride and joy, and more importantly my 21 thousand quid, and had the audacity to glare at me. grrrr


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          Re: Is this normal?

          Originally posted by VXRNUTTER
          Had my 07 Astra VXR for about a month and covered 700 miles, but noticed from new that the engine is quite 'buzzy' from 3000rpm upwards (below 3000rpm it's dead smooth) on the over-run and when cruising.

          I can feel the 'buzziness' on the over-run and when cruising above 3000rpm through the pedals and floorpan - it's not a huge issue and doesn't feel mechanical...certainly not there when the engine is under load (accelerating).

          Is it normal - is this what other VXR engines are like or is mine different i.e. is there something wrong???

          Perhaps one of the tuners could comment as they probably have more experience of different VXR's than anyone else??

          I know, for example, that Vauxhall have removed the balancer shafts in this engine to improve response and the ability to rev - is this the trade-off?

          Loving the car by the way. Traded down from an M3 - best thing I've ever done. So much ability for so little cash (relatively) - awesome

          Do I just need to get it run-in properly???

          Cheers in adavnce for any helpful replies.

          Go and redline it in either first or second...seriously, my wifes Polo GTI had a vibration/buzz at certain engine rev's, one day it annoyed me so much I redlined it and the vibration/buzz went and hasn't reappeared, might be a bit of crap stuck somewhere and just needs blasting out.