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VXR Vs Pheasent

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  • VXR Vs Pheasent

    This morning goin down the A1 a pheasent decided to take a closer look at my VXR, unfortuantly he got to feel my front bumper and my 19"s. I know quite a few people will have had similar problems with wildlife and their cars. The damage caused to mine is smashed front splitter and damage to the window washer somewhere... its leaking (thought it was worse than that when I pulled over to see water running from the front end).

    Thanks alex for being my VXR diagnostic helper this morning.

    Here is the damage.... you can see the water in the picures below.

    Got it home and kinda tried to replace it so it doesn't seem so bad. This is the best I can get it


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    oh dear!

    ive had a few problems with pheasents, they are hard little buggers.

    had to replace a front splitter on a clio to the tune of £90

    and a whole new front bumper on a bertone coupe, to the tune of...lots!!!

    im feeling sorry for you and your car right now. looks nasty


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      I was going to spend the afternoon washing it and polishing it, but have lost the urge now.

      Gonna wait til tomorrow to find out how much the splitter is... I take it I will have to go to VX dealers to get this?

      It has given me the question of... do I get a carbonfibre one to replace it instead of going back to the blue?


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        have you seen a carbon fibre one fitted?


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          On the VXR PC car, looked good and it was arden, but they did have more than just that in carbon tho.

          Think I may photoshop a photo so I have a better judgment.


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            your splitter can be repaired and repainted, friend of mine split his in the middle coming into my garage and is was cheaper to repair then a full replacement through vxl, also they re-inforced if from the underside.

            IMO the splitter in the carbon effect just dont look right, could get away with it if your VXR was in black but in blue it looks wrong but thats just my opinion.


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              Really that's fantastic, feeling slightly better now. So is it any vx place or are there specific ones? Was your friends london based, if so you can PM the place as I've got to come down south over the next few weeks.


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                he had his in at chipsaway in Chelsea, they aint a mobile unit as such but a proper repair centre, if you look at their clientel then you wont think anything differently (local Chelsea area so many lambos, ferrari's and the like parked out the front awaiting repair) had a dent repair done by them on my H SRi and the colour match was spot on.


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                  Thanks, I will deff look them up.


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                    i had a play on potatoshop

                    could look ok i think


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                      Well like i said i'll see what i can sort for you.


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                        Thanks alex, hope you had a good day in the end. Scare anymore people???

                        Thanks for the photoshop rich... i do like but think I will stick to the blue, i think if i start with the carbon i will need to do more and cud get carried away.


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                          its an expensive habit...'carbonfibre - the crack of the car game!'


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                            Originally posted by VXRich
                            i had a play on potatoshop

                            could look ok i think
                            Would look better with anthracite wheels!!!
                            Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                              BUT it looks cool