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  • QUESTION ???

    Hi guys happy xmas, I done a 300 mile round trip to wales and back for xmas and as i parked the car in the garage and was about to lock up i saw 2 stone chips really deep in the bonnet you can see the silver metal shine through. Do you think i should take it to vauxhall or is it Arden Blue touch up paint job ????, and also saw a stone chip on the alloy wheel too so is that a Star Slive job ???????? Need some Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Bhav

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    Brace for many more to come. You should have to touch up and lacqer it yourself, VX will charge a fortune for any cosmetic work.


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      you will find the touch up pens to be a nightware to match.
      has anybody trusted chips away with small chips?


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        Remember if you use a touch up pen that whatever amont you put into chip hole the paint will shrink to about two thirds the size.....

        I always allow slight bubble but not breaking the chip edges or if applying laquer aswell use minimal amount and apply laquer aswell.....

        Failing that painstakingly slow but worth it apply every 3 to 4 hours with a cocktail stick to build up layer to correct height....

        Perfection is everything when it involves a bonnet!
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