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    Anybody used these. Got an arden blue car with a nasty chip i recieved when driving down to cheshire the other day. I Want to know if the colour match is good or not. I'm in the north west if that makes a difference cos m3power told me the company runs on a franchise basis. Getting stage 3 on thursday so will want the work doing of friday, do they have your car long or is it a matter of minutes? also what's the cost like?

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    Depends on how deep/bad the chip is.

    They quote on a panel by panel basis, ie the wing may cost £125, then the door another £125 and they should do all the chips on that panel, however all may not operate on this basis.

    My wife had some damage on her Polo, my neighbour runs our local franchise so we got a good price on 2 different areas. Plus the car is red and the match is perfect

    They had the car in all day.

    Hope this helps :wink:


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      Teach mate they will come 2 your house as a neighbour up the road has had his car done by them (next to Anthea's) I asked him how much to re-furb amanda's vx220 anthrasite alloys as 2 are marked and he quoted me £40 a wheel.



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        The problem however !!!

        If there ia an associated dink or dent, that has to be taken out as well. The problem here I have experienced is that stone chips in the front edge of the bonnet offer no chance of dent removal because of bracings etc.

        Therefore the bonnet would need to be fully sprayed if perfection is to be achieved. In the Arden blue as I have this would also probably mean the top of the wings also needing a blending job.

        Sorry to rain on your parade !!!


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          Thanks guys, will give them a call tomorrow, no dents just a chip, dont like the sound of the whole respray job though