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Clicking/whirring noise from my airfans

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  • Clicking/whirring noise from my airfans

    I have standard air control in my car... when it is set to feet and face there is a whirring and clicking noise like the motors are trying to move something. This even happens when the fan is turned off. Has anyone else noticed this. All the other positions are fine ive tried them all.

    I dont know if it is a problem or just another VXR quirk which doesnt really need to worry about.

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    I have noticed a very similar problem. One or two differences though. I had full Climate control fitted and the same whurring sound I have noticed appears to stop when the fan is switched off completetly.

    I have not noticed a clicking sound though, but will listen more carefully today.

    Was thinking of taking it into Vauxhall to be looked at, but would appreciate it if someone could let me know what the cause(s) might be.

    Don't want to look like a plonker whan I try to explain it to the mechanics


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      I only noticed the clicking when I had the engine and radio switched off and only the elecs on.

      I kno about heading off to the place where I brought it without being able to explain or to be told nothing is actually the matter. Ive had a few todo's with my garage as it is... think I am on their hated customer list.


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        you aint got an helicopter in the boot have ya
        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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          Mines exactly the same, the noise appears to be from the passenger side vent, it looks as though it could be a general fault amongst VXRs


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            mines in the garage this week, will let you know what excuse they fob me off with this time!!


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              Time for a change, new dealer me thinks.

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