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  • One, Two or Three

    Friends (3) and foes (the rest)...

    I have decided to get some touch uo stick to go over some very small marks on my wheels. I figure it is better that than they get darker and more obvious when they widen. I opted for star silver but the dealer told me there is Star Silver 1 2 and 3.

    Ques 1) Is this a good idea for some basic protection and cosmetic symoathy or will it in fact be a bad move?

    Ques 2) Which star csilver colour would match best with my 19's...?

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    Darker and widen?
    you,ve lost me?
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      Leave the wheels alone and wait till they are pig ugly and get them re-painted or powder coated in the original or new colour. You'll regret touching them up once you've done them.........................I usually do when I tinker! :wink:

      Anyway thats my opinion but good luck if you do them!



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        The difference is that 3 is lighter and white than 1 and 2 and goes in that order. I got some silver wheel paint from Halford for a minor touch in when the ytre company caught the wheel on changing tyres. Can't even see it.


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          vxrmarc, I just want to go over the scuffs with some paint to hide them a little and give it a coat to prevent the scuffs widening and worsening, like sealing them. The marks are small but I know they are there and would like to hide them.


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            just touch them up wi laquer A O :wink:


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              just get some of those spinning wheel trims!! Worsy might know were to get them? apparently he is thinking of a change, to go with his stage 3 he wants to see how fast he can get them to spin!!


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                tried em nelly my car was that fast they flew off :? last seen doing 150 on the M6 toll road heading north have just ordered some high speed rated ones from
                stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power