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New to the site, but just about to order a VXR - Questions

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  • New to the site, but just about to order a VXR - Questions


    My names Pete and I am new to this time.. Some people might recognise my old car from various UK shows as well as a full feature in total vauxhall (pics below)

    Anyhowwww.. My corsa above is now nearly standard after a long time splitting and I am just about to upgrade to a brand new Astra VXR.

    After reading the site for a couple of hours I notice that when I place my new order on the factory for a brand new car I will get an 07.5 model?? What changes does this have over the one I test drove 3 months ago?? Just the interior carbon trim now being piano black?? Are there any other extras?

    At present I am looking at the below :-

    Astra VXR
    Arden Blue

    Full Leather seats
    Electric Mirrors
    AFL Xenon lights
    19" wheels
    Cruise Control
    Climate Control

    The above on a brand new car at a "special" price of £19,159. I am pretty happy with that offer and will hopefully be ordering it on Thursday.

    Would anyone else recommend any other options? I will be pushing my dealer to chuck in a set of VXR mats too. But what about the other factory options..

    Phone system,
    Keyless Entry

    Are any of the above worth it??

    I also have one more question.

    On the standard VXR with the CD30 headunit. Does this come with steering mounted controls to adjust the volumes etc?? I know my Corsa did.. Just on the vauxhall website it does not say if it does or not, but the CD70 does state it does..

    Thanks in advance,


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    The fancy battens are different now and you can get new leather, here in Germany. The leather is more expensive then, but looks good.

    There shouldn't be more changes, I think.
    Have a look in the Opel configurator:

    It's in German but easy to understand, because it's with pictures. You can go step by step and find your informations.

    I would take the Xenon headlights, too.
    I would for sure take a navigation system, the CD70 is very good just like the DVD90. Also I can tell you that the IDS+ is a very nice carriage.

    Hope, I could help.


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      My parents live in Germany. My dad is in the british army there.

      What is the DVD90? Why is it not available in the uk?


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        Very similar to the CD70, except the maps come on a larger DVD which covers most of Europe, whereas on the CD70 you need a nav CD for each region.



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          Keyless Entry is well worth it. I have a push button start and never need to use the keys at all. You lock the car by "touching it" and open it by just puling any door/boot open. The car senses the key and it works for you. Electric mirrors, AFL and 19's also great options and a must in my opinion. Why bother with cruise or climate? I dont see the point myself, heaters and air con, or a more fiddly alternative.

          Good luck with the purchase, the only diff on the 7.5 will be black inserts rather than carbon fibre look and no floor mats as standard.


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            Have you got any pics of the keyless entry interior?

            i.e. where the start button is and what it looks like?



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              Where normally is the starter lock there is just a grey cover.
              The Start/Stop button is more right and upper next to the buttons for locking the car, seat heater and the sport button. On this area.



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                Its just left of the steering wheel so all your mates can watch you press it and go "ooohhhh", same as pictured although that is on a left hand drive...


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                  See this thread



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                    on the phone option side of things,with my sony ericsson its a bit funny with connections (sometimes wont connect, sometimes disconnects) but when it works its great!
                    but ive used a samsung and nokia and they are great, it also loads my phone book and calls list which is cool. but doesnt load these things on the samsung....

                    plus cruise control can be fitted by yourself cheaper i think (although i havent done it myself search for "cruise control" or i think its in the how to section. you just need to buy the stalk and then get it to someone (a dealer) with a tech 2 to programme it in!


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                      hi there painz and welcome to the site , the cd30 does have the steering wheel controls and it also plays mp3's , the ids is a waste of time unless you do a lot of track work , dont know about the bluetooth cant say as i know anyone with it , but you got a top deal on it where you getting it from ? ps nice looking corsa you got there
                      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                        The bluetooth stuff is great, I like it.
                        If you got a new mobile phone you can still use the system without changing the cup for the phone.

                        CD30 doesn't play mp3 files, does it? I thought you have at least to buy CD30mp3 for a few pounds extra.


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                          no it plays them twin my old german friend :wink:
                          stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                            Thanks for all of your help..

                            I have read about the cruise control thing.. ie.. Get the stalk and then just get vaux to program it, however I don't know anyone with the Tech2 and I am not sure how willing vauxhall would be to do it??

                            I can get around 15% off any added extra so I think I will just go and get it done at the factory.

                            On the keyless entry thing (after looking at it) is a bit well.. un needed? I quite like the button pressing to open the car so I don't think I would get along with the whole walk upto the car and its open!

                            IDS is un needed as I don't intend on driving the car very hard

                            CD70 I really do want.. I just don't think I can justify the £900 extra... I mean you can get an awesome satnav for £300.. however its not the same is it.. Hmmmm I can't decide!!!

                            Anyone got the CD70? What are there thoughts on it.. After reading a few VXR reviews, some people say the Satnav is pretty poor anyhow..


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                              bluetooth is spot on as long as u dont have sonyericsson k800

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