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Astra VXR Tyre Thread

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  • Astra VXR Tyre Thread

    Ok so we get a lot of tyre threads and to be honest what you'll get is a list of the tyres people have fitted but a better way of doing this is to have everyone of us use the following

    Once done then we just need to point everyone to it so they can make their mind up using the collective ratings and factoring in their own planned usage of the car

    So to try it out simply add your rating to it -

    If this works then we can set these up for the other car models


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    I brought my tires after reading this list and I've been more than happy with them!
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      Uniroyal Rainsport 3

      Anyone using these?? Good tyres or not?? I'm going to be running 360-380 bhp and after a good all round tyre.
      Thorney Stage 4, 330bhp 390ftlbs


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          Thorney Stage 4, 330bhp 390ftlbs


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            Ive got them on the front. Will be buying a full set soon. Brilliant grip wet or dry and they have lasted twice as long as the budgets that were on when i got it. Even used them for track time at trax. Really decent price aswell. Only about £300 for a full set of 18s.


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              Yeah saw on cam skill 297 delivered!!! Good feedback thanks!!
              Thorney Stage 4, 330bhp 390ftlbs


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                I've 2 Mitsubishi friends using them for quite some time. Both have said they've worn quickly, but there are no quibbles about the grip, wet grip being especially good.
                I've noticed in their cars the wide tyre thread pattern can pick up loose chippings of a certain size and fling them.

                Quick to wear, but cheap to buy. You won't be disappointed by the grip.
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                  Thorney Stage 4, 330bhp 390ftlbs


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                    Tyre choice help?

                    I'm after new tyres.
                    Choices are
                    KU39'S for £82 each delivered
                    Rain sport 3's for £108 each delivered
                    Nokian zline's for £100 each delivered.

                    Needing all 4.
                    Size is 235 35 19

                    Any advice appreciated


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                      Rain sports are a very good tyre for the price!


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                        That was my thoughts but KU39'S get great rating too and are also A rated for wet.


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                          Can't really comment on those as i've no experience with them unfortunately sure someone will be along soon to help! do recommend rain sports though in both dry and wet


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                            Cheers for that. Always good to get someone's first hand experience.


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                              How do people rate these?

                              Bought these today..

                              Dunlop SportMaxx RT SP

                              The ratings were great by the looks of it..

                              Wet grip - A
                              Fuel Efficiency - C
                              Noise Rating - 1 at 68db

                              Anyone else used these?
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