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    Can anyone please help me. I wrote on here a few month ago about my AFL playing up. I bought the car with these lights as I am in the army and currently serving in Germany. Now, obviously our lights shine to the left in the UK. So when driving over here that would dazzle the oncoming Germans. Now, I purchased these lights as I was informed that they could be "switched" so that the beam is either flattened out or shines to the right instead. This is covered in the user handbook, so it can be done. However, after following the instructions, and after many months of arguing with Opel, it still doesn't work.

    I was then advised by my dealer (EMC Tax Free) to take the car to a Vauxhall garage when I go back to the UK for xmas leave. I followed their advice. Upon booking the car into a garage (Twice) I was told both times by the workman "I've never worked on these lights before so i'm not sure on what they are supposed to do"..... Now that just wound me up even more. Surely, being authorised Vauxhall Repairers they should know all about them. Or at least have one person trained up on them.

    So what I would like to know if there is any more squaddies out there based in Germany, near the Herford area if possible, who has a Astra vxR with these lights on, or any Vauxhall to that matter, taken through the "BFG Inspection" test and passed.

    Believe me, if any one can help me then I would be forever grateful coz this is starting to wind me up now. I'm practically doing Vauxhalls and Opels work for them by finding things out.


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    I aske dmy dealer and he said that you cannot change the beam from left to right. Something to do with the setup of the ECU and controlling the movments of the lights as you corner. Each time they move with the wheel they have to over compensate to the left so as not to blind oncoming traffic over here, and apparently it is too complicated to reverse the process over to the right due to the degrees of mathematical accuracy...


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      Cheers mate. But, like I said, it tells you in the user handbook that something can be done. I don't know if its meant to move over to the right, flatten out or just do somet else. But its winding me up the fact that is ain't doing anything. Cheers again


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        If they're the same as the vectra you should be able to dip them using a hex key...bit that's with the standard xenons. The AFL's might be the same.