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  • charge cooler

    sorry could not locate previous link but anyone know about these, where does the battery go, are they any good how come only thorney do em
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap

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    i had a charge cooler once but after a few full loads the water in the cooler started to get warm making it totally pointless after that.

    also, instead of just mounting an intercooler, you need to mount a water tank, a pump, a radiator and the water cooled intercooler its self. not to mention the pipe work and wiring.

    ask about charge coolers on any decent tuning forum and they'll tell you to go for an intercooler.

    a question to ask your self... how many tuned cars have you seen with a charge cooler over an intercooler??? it says it all really
    stage 2 vxr

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      ok cheers mate
      Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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        Some good points Andy but some cars use the charge cooler as an alternative to cutting/modifying anything on the front end. Granted there is enough room on the VXR for a nice FMIC, but all the same, a charge cooler can be very effective when used with e decent intercooler...

        I will be looking into this when I get my mits on mine