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How many miles are service "road tests" usually?

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    When I bought my car from new it had 13 miles on the clock. Good or bad?


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      Originally posted by Arden_One
      When I bought my car from new it had 13 miles on the clock. Good or bad?
      Thats good.

      My wifes Polo GTI had 11

      My R32 had 21

      the VXR had 13 when delivered and on the day of collection it had 23, I know the 10 where put on due to road tests and test of the Origin B2 being fitted.

      A previous vectra had a road test of 38 miles.... due me complaining that the replacement cam belt was noisy so they let 2 grease monkies take it out, I spotted them on their way back to the garage, complete with fog lamps on...needless to say none of my Vectra's have been back since and my mates at work will touch them either. :wink:


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        I've had a few 'road tests' ranging from 10-15 miles, not only for services but warranty work from a few dealerships.
        The final straw was a 10 miler on the coupe turbo after they adjusted the handbrake.
        What I did then was write CONTACT BEFORE TEST DRIVE on the job sheet and write the mileage underneath.
        When they did need to do it it was only ever 2-3 miles
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          mines in at reg vardy today for its first service but im staying with it till its done.

          im still abit miffed about giving them 125 quid for somthing i can do myself in 10 mins
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            As Darren Says, a Road test completes the job and confirms the car drives ok, and that suspension, wheel alignment, brake operation etc are all ok.

            When i was working at my Vauxhall dealer we used to carry out an 8 - 10 mile road test depending on what job was carried out.

            The Same with SAAB where im working now, most customers like to be assured we have driven the car and that we are happy with it - its piece of mind for them as a lot of them will say they can hear a noise etc - turns out to be nothing, but as i said, it puts their minds at rest.

            But i know what you mean, my VXR went back to my old work to have the Drivers seat base, Foam and cover replaced yesterday, and i noted the mileage and trip as i was paranoid about them 'hammering' it up the road.

            As for servicing, ill be doing that myself and stamping the book up at SAAB...Still Gm parts being used, and cost is hardly anything
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              If you can go to Evans Halshaw in Chesham, postcode HP5 3PG

              They have such amazing service, they are a small garage so they treat you well and really value your custom.

              They dont rip you off or lie to you. They will Tell you if somthing else needs doing but wont presure you into having it done, they just advise you that it needs doing.

              Defo they best garage i have been to for cutomer service.



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                Originally posted by Arden_One
                When I bought my car from new it had 13 miles on the clock. Good or bad?

                New car can come with 50miles on the clock, It depends on were the car has come from. Nufin to worry about.


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                  I paid £93.50 for my first service, I waited on my car and the dealer asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive to see if anything was wrong prior to signing the work sheet, which I did and everything was fine. But then I have a first class dealer who I have bought two brand new cars of in the last two years.


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                    Re: How many miles are service "road tests" usuall

                    Originally posted by bisonboi
                    Anyone able to offer any advice... I just picked my VXR after its first service... only it appears to have been taken for a bit of a ride by the staff at the dealership (J Davy, Basingstoke). During the course of its service, it managed to complete over 10 miles, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Is it usual for first services to include a road test of that length? I've only had my VXR 9 months, none of my previous cars (all vauxhalls!) have ever got that special treatment - even from the same dealer! Im a little miffed to say the least and am waiting for the general manager to call me back with an explanation but it would be nice to know what the norm is! Any thoughts appreciated!
                    only glad you posted on here! - was considering using Davy's myself but won't be now! Have heard of 1 or 2 things about them in the past, even used them myself on several occasions but this doesn't look good?