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  • Dreamscience

    Hi all,

    My last vxr I had mapped from superchip as this was closest place to me in scotland. Wasn too impressed with it but this was all I had done.

    Iv now got a burg #579 and would say its much quicker just with the remus. Im now going to get it mapped, but cant decide what to get wanting something more aggressive. The dreamscience makes sense as it has different options to choose from to tailer your car.

    Also does the DS unit have 5 lives as in 5 cars or is it unlimited cars, if so has anyone tried usin it on another car.

    Also I live in stirling and if anyone lives near by running the DS would like to hear from them cheers all
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    the ds is locked to your car once loaded.the maps are very aggressive and you can change your unit over to another same model free of charge if you change to another vxr..i live in airdrie m8 and im runnin ds ultima at the moment with the full remus and its mental thats all i can say really if you fancy a wee drive down m8 to test drive your more than welcome...
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