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  • hey guys

    ok i dont want this to turn in to a flame thread or anything like that

    right now i have a focus st3 and i am fed up with it i want a vxr red or blue dearest i am willing to pay for the vxr since it will be secong hand is 16k and i would like the 19's on it if anyone on here is a vauxhall dealer or anything like that or private sale please dont hesitate to pm obviously cheaper the better .

    i know people are going to ask why i want rid and the awnser is it just doesnt push my buttons anymore its to much in control its not a brute and it doesnt want to kill me :P (that was a joke).

    so please dont jump on the band waggon and start slagging the st because it is still a really good car and to awnser a question from another post the st was taken round the top gear track when it was pishing it down vxr had a dry track.

    anyway on with the thread much help appreciated thanks guys

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    Yeh mate u should get one for that price pretty easily. Need to say where your from though cause u dont wanna 500 mile round trip to look at a car.


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      look at this mate.

      welcome. For all your tuning needs


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        im from kilsyth just next to glasgow

        most of the good deals seem to be in england


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          Welcome dave1234, Im sure you`ll find what your looking for sooner or later.
          ps. I used to work up at Twechar years ago.


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            I'm looking for one too mate. Cheapest on Autotrader at the mo is a privately owned red example - up for £14,995. Prices seem to vary wildly between dealers, some are a tad optimistic in their evaluation, but I shouldn'y think you'll struggle to find one at that price.


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              I got a 06/55 blue 7kmiles 19" climate and cruise.


              You can get red one cheeper for some reason