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stickers advice!!

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  • stickers advice!!

    can someone tell me how you get the vxr online stickers off the backing and adhesive strip and onto my glass i can't work it out. When i peel it back, it leaves half of the letters on the adhesive strip PLEASE HELP!!!! its doin my head in!!!

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    you need to bend the backing slightly so the letters pop up abit. For all your tuning needs


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      so its not a trick then dave?? you just have to be careful??? its just i remember some stickers that you had to wet to get the letters off!! :?


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        No mate dont wet them just peel it slowly and bend the backing down so the letter come away if it dont come away just bend it a bit more then go back over with the film on that letter and try again it that easy lol. then all the letters will be on the clear bit just put on window and smooth from one side to another in one smooth action with say a credit card remove the film and all will be ok. For all your tuning needs


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          cheers dave!!! i've done it. I can't believe how easy it was!! what a numpty i am the only problem now is my tints are that dark you can hardly see them oh well at least there on!!


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   For all your tuning needs


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              I think the issue here is what type have you got?

              I have metallic transfer type (like the old airfix water and slide on) which i believe you have

              I have metallic image front sticky to stick inside window facing out and

              I have sticky back type to stick outside and on my sons bike!!!
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                i think they did 2 types of stickers,and you had to spec if your windows had tints or not.if i remeber correctley the stickers for the tints went on the outside of the glass,though i may be wrong


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                  i got both types the inside ones and the outside ones some on me car and some on my works van you can never do enough advertising in my book
                  stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power