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stage 1,2&3

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  • stage 1,2&3

    Ok Im not up on all this, so can someone please explain all this stage 1,2 and 3 thing to me?? Ive seen it mentioned a few times.

    cheers, :wink:

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    Basically Martin, Stage 1 is a remap on its own, Stage 2 is remap and exhaust and Stage 3 is Stage 2 plus intercooler and different map. There are variations but thats the basics.


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      Stage 1 = Remap (+25/30 bhp)
      Stage 2 = Full Milltek or Magnex exhaust + Remap (+40/45 bhp)
      Stage 3 = Full Milltek or Magnex exhaust + Remap + Larger intercooler (+50/60bhp)

      All rough guesses. :wink:


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        Cheers guy's, Im getting there with all this, it helps if i know what your all on about

        So are we talking big bucks here then or what?? and after doing all this are you talking more trips to the petrol pumps?


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          go too one of the tuners sites and this will explain it better for you there courtneys , thorneys and regal who all offer different sorts of tuning in laymens terms stage 1 is quicker stage 2 is wowww and stage 3 is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* help me
          stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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            Price wise look at websites but courtenays will do a standard to stage 3 for £2610, if I remember right. But thats for a 22-24% increase in power, which when placed against cost of car is pretty fair I'd say.

            Petrol use after all depends on how often you floor it in sport and how you drive in general. Been running mine for last couple of days now and tbh can't see any major difference. Only change is I have to use 97, whereas in the past I could use 95. Still averaging around 28-30mpg normal driving, fun driving probably around 19-24mpg.