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Lack of boost

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  • Lack of boost

    So my car boost fine most times in 1st - 3rd but in the gears after that it seems like it's holding back and doesn't want to go on full boost. Since I fitted my turbo smart recirc valve I've been getting the turkey noise as well and I've heard that can be caused by a boost leak so there's not enough pressure to go through the recirc? I've checked the pipes near and around the recirc they all seem to be on fine so can't diagnose the problem. Any advise would be appreciated

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    Try the Vac pipes towards the rear of the engine, - mine popped off as the standard ones are a bit naff to be honest. - video there for the location of them.
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      Thanks mate I'll check that straight away once I get back to my house as I'm out at the moment. I'll post back when I've had a good look at it


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        I managed to have a look and pulled the pipes off and put them back on just to make sure they were on properly. In the video it says there should be two pipes coming from the box but mine has three?