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Astra estate lel>leh comversion

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  • Astra estate lel>leh comversion

    Evening everyone hope you all had a good xmas,

    Got a few questions for you,

    I've just purchased a vxr engine and box for my mk5 Astra estate to replace the heavy breathing lel,
    I'm a little unsure on a few things,

    Is it possible to flash a vxr map onto the lel ecu or am I looking at fitting a full vxr management set up.i don't mind changing but don't see the point if I have the lel ecu sat there doing nowt.

    And does anyone know what fuel pump a Astra z20lel uses? Is it same as Vxr, I seem to remember them being the same

    thanks in advance mark

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    Pretty sure fuel pump is the same dude, defo worth giving Courtenay sport a quick call to confirm Ecu question. I know the lel gearbox goes on the leh and quite a few other parts so really don't see why not dude. Courts can confirm all the above for u tho 👍

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