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how to tell if my coil pack is knackered????

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  • how to tell if my coil pack is knackered????

    got my car 2nd hand a couple of months ago already fitted with the full miltek and stage 2 map.

    i asked the previous owner if he had the plugs changedand he said regal had picked up on the crap plugs when they mapped it and changed them. he then managed to get a refund for the plugs of vaux.

    nothing was mentioned about the coil pack though, this was never changed.

    im not sure on the milage when the plugs where changed but it got 5500 mile on it now.

    it doesnt missfire but somtimes feels slightly under powered in the lower gears. sort of runs low boost.

    the only thing is is the vaux techs round near me arnt very clever to say the least, so how can i find out if it knacked??

    if theyre cheap enough i'll just buy one to save messing around
    stage 2 vxr

    [email protected]

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    PM sent.