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Baby/child seats; transponder seat and ISOFIX connections

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  • Baby/child seats; transponder seat and ISOFIX connections

    Having a look at buying a baby seat for the motor. It is for a newborn so I've been looking at the Vxl Baby-Safe. Is this about as good as anything else on the market?

    Does the VXR have a transponder seat or ISOFIX connections? Not sure what all that means actually. Anyone help me out? Does it matter if the seat goes in the passenger seat or back of the car?

    Sorry, bit of a novice when it comes to things for babies, etc. Have some friends in need of a bit of help and may end up needing to give them a few lifts for a while and they've just had a baby.

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    the transponder seat turns the airbags off when fitted which is a good thing for a baby seat, not sure but think it should be in the front cos they are back facing thats what my mrs has just said , and maybe the transponder thingy dont work in the back so it would be dangerous for the baby if you was in a accident with the airbags , i need to check cos the wife is due with our 3rd in 7 wks , and i dont really fancy having to turn the airbags permanantely while we have it in front cos of passengers etc etc need to get 1 myself more expense :? could have spent the cash on new brakes or stage 4
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      Thanks Worsy.