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Brake callipers re-paint help?

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  • Brake callipers re-paint help?

    Hi guys , Iv currently got blue calliper paint on them , but I wish to paint them black ... Best option to sand down the surface of the paint and then paint over with black ?

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    For the smoothest finest finish probably yea. Mine were painted red over the top of the standard blue and now the blue is showing through...looks naff n really need re-doing.

    I wanted to put brembo transfers on top of the freshly painted set but theres not much space on the calipers. I love brembo calibers and use the pads.


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      Funny you mention yours because mine are currently blue and want them red but thought te blue light show through and now you have confirmed that for me , so black is the only other option ... So you know the best "vxr" stickers to buy to put on them too?


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        i got new calipers last year. sanded them down being careful of the metal wire/spring thing. and then primed and re sprayed in red. held out quite well so far. dont settle for black if u want red bud u may as well go all out and get the finish u want if they are already detached from the car
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          painting is all about prep, good prep good finished product ! take your time when doing them


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            As above. Preparation is key.
            I completely dismantled mine when I painted them. Cleaned them all up. Sanded down and then passed them to the Mrs to paint
            She done a bloody good job. Just a shame they took ages to dry! Had them hanging on the washing line for a good 6 hours haha!
            If you're a bit ocd like me, get a small brush to touch up as when you put the pad spring back in you will scratch the paint guaranteed.


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              Did mine March of last year and they have held up really well and mine is a daily ! Literally yesterday had wheels off for a touch up and did the hubs gloss black to give a cleaner finish

              Red calipers , factory fitted full AFL's , painted bootstrip , cobra Exhaust ,19 inch diamond cut alloys, full tinted glass,de wipered, metal pressed plates,maxton front splitter, Team heko wind deflectors, vxr grille badge...