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Hi! Anyone used Jam Jar

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  • Hi! Anyone used Jam Jar

    Just wondered if anybody had bought a vxr from jamjar cars as they are selling brand new vxr's for £16497.15 (bargain)

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    Re: Hi! Anyone used Jam Jar

    Originally posted by jimster
    Just wondered if anybody had bought a VXR from jamjar cars as they are selling brand new VXR's for £16497.15 (bargain)
    Have used them to purchase a previous car and the service was excellent!
    Strongly recommend them!


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      Cheers for the reply mate. I couldn't believe how cheap they are. Seems knowone has bought there VXR from them on here though.


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        Thats cheap!! I bought my 1st new car from motorpoint in Derby got a 2002 172 clio for 11k rather than from a dealer at 15k. Its ok to save money but the after service was a load of pump, cant comment on jamjar though, they might be good??

        Personally I would rather pay that little bit more and have the piece of mind that you can dump it back on their doostep the moment something's up with it.


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          Never used them but that is cheap, and I thought I got a good deal!!

          What spec VXR is it?

          Would also enquire about the warranty and after sales service (in case anything goes wrong).


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            Good comments above. I too would rather pay a few quid more at a dealer, its just how much more. Surely if u buy from jamjar and somet happens to the car i could just take it to my local vauxhall dealer and they would fix it.


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              Are they imports?? My clio when i bought it was a UK spec import and the warranty was a bit of a grey area, It was only a year and didnt cover some things that the UK dealer warranty did.


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                Car will be full UK spec car with a full UK warranty, any problems you just take it to your nearest dealer.
                You can use the jamjar price as a bargaining tool to get some extras thrown in; most dealers cant get near a £2600 discount.
                I seem to think I paid a lot more than £175 DELIVERY CHARGES to my dealer and it certainly wasnt to my door LOL
                That saving is actually better than the employee discount price.

                This looks quite good aswsell but have no experience of them.