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seriously thinking about stage 3 now.

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  • seriously thinking about stage 3 now.

    could the lads who have stage 3 please tell me all the benifits? i just dont want to end up with a totally un reliable car :?

    also, fuel consumption differences, any apparent weaknesses brought on by the increase in power etc etc

    and also some backed up figures.

    it will be courtenay sport who will be doin it as ive heard good reports, i know one of the lads there and its the closest to me.

    i wasnt gonna bother as i didnt think the price was worth an extra 20 bhp but ive just found out my car is actually 264 brake rather than the 280 i assumed. this maybe down to a faulty coil pack so they may pick up on that too

    cheers people.

    ps.... dave and worsy.... feel free to write a lot :wink:
    stage 2 vxr

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    Well I have a stage 3.....

    positive -

    no noticeable difference in standard map on petrol use at all, unless you put your foot flat to the floor everywhere, sports uses about the same as it did before (alot!!)

    The power in standard map is very equal and makes for a very nice fast smooth drive.

    More engine and exhaust noise when your foot is down, when you are just cruising or driving normally you have just a nice hum

    negative - speaking the obvious really, the power it puts out is mental in sports mode, I do not recommend using it on wet/greasy roads unless you like to live on the edge. I also find sports from off there is just too much power to put down.

    Thats the only real negative, both me and the husband agree it was money well spent.

    I had mine on the RR at Court's and my bhp is now 297 and torque is 329.

    Hope that helps


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      does anyone with stage 3 actually know what type of power and torque the clutch and gear box is rated to???

      i cant see the gear box being to much of an issue, but id be interested to know how much the lifespan of the clutch is to be decreased.

      do the tuners recommend and uprated clutch as part of stage 3??
      stage 2 vxr

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        No mate thay never said out to me about the clutch so i take it thats fine, there is a uprated clutch out there.

        As for the power its just come on by the bucket full, low down its awsome.

        Fuel if you drive it the same as before will be no difference as all thats happend is the restriction in the inlet have been removers (but you wont want to beleave me).

        I never drive the car with sports off or traction control on, it is a handfull in the wet gettin the power down with out spinning the wheels, the tyre dont help, but you can over come this.

        I have gone from courts S2 to courts S3 the improvement is awsome the Tms boys and girls seem to say the same things and regal vxrpc, so dont think you will be disapointed its not about the out right power as ive only realy gone from 286 to 296 its the way the car breaths the boost and the cooler air helping the engine temp. For all your tuning needs


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          I'm still on a TMS development map until my coilpack issues are resolved but all will be sorted next week so I can give a full report then but....

          The most noticeable thing is the increase in the amount of torque, especially low down. Very diesel like, but with real kick when you push on a bit more. It all feels a lot more controllable as its progressive from low down.
          Really does make a difference to drivability- totally addictive - I think the torque curves will be impressive above the extra horses.
          Milltek pops much more easily too!

          Also remember when we hit our warmed summers without the better stage 3 cooling things wont be so great!

          I think everybody is quite comfortable with durability on standard parts to at least 300. People should just check their chosen tuner's warranty I guess?


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            i andy benefits well erm it goes like **** sounds fantastic , fuel consumption as gone up but hey you got the car you can afford the juice , the only weakness i find is that it spins a lot with sport off in the wet but it's easy to handle , to me it feels exactly the same as it did before but faster which is great when your up against scoobies , the clutch i'm gonna uprate i think cos i have felt like the clutch is slipping when caning it, my bhp is 296.4 and 328.6 of torque and yet i still have to go back to courts for a remap sometime soon cos the map is not ready for my car yet , did speak to jon last week and he has said my motor is the most powerful vxr he has had to date at his place so far so when it's finished i'll let you know considering more power his year if this st thing comes off cos i aint having a ford say he can beat me
            stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power