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Hard to get into 3rd gear then once in massive rattle coming from gearbox

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  • Hard to get into 3rd gear then once in massive rattle coming from gearbox

    Hi guys

    wonder if anyone can help me had a new gearbox ( supposedly) fitted under warranty 3 months ago . took it back to the garage 2 days a go as its been a bit sluggish and sometimes hard to get in to 3rd gear .... So garage say nothing wrong with it mate ,, 2 days later changed from 2nd to 3rd , it crunched and massive rattling sound from gearbox not drivable sounds awful .. any ideas ?? gear selector maybe ???

    thanks in advance

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    i'm not too clued up on transmission but so it rattles when you're in third gear or when the clutch is dipped?

    You might need the 3rd gear cluster rebuilt but it could be various things. Best to get someone who knows the gearbox inside out to fix it. WG Motorworks etc

    Definitely something wrong with it and the garage you took it to just cant be bothered.
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      Take it back to the garage who did the warranty work

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        sweet thanks guys for the advice .. it was vauxhall picador who fitted it so I'm taking it back there tuesday ... when i did clutch it don't rattle but when i put in gear and try n move it its as if the hand brakes on . rocks back n forth ... there s no way that that was a new gearbox fitted by them in the first place for it to go after 3 months I'm thinking .. but surely it ll be under warranty as the car still has a year left on the warranty to so either way i aint paying for it if they try n make me ..