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  • Turbo Timer

    Hi guys and gals, What do you think of a Turbo Timer, ive seen a car on auto trader thats got a HKS one but went to a car place near mine and it was £79.99. just wondering if anyone has done this...A turbo timer keeps the turbo Running when the car is off so it cools down properly ?????????

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    Yeah, but no oil flow to the bearings would be seriously bad idea


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      After giving your car a good "thrashing" take it easy for a couple of miles before you park up and you wont need a turbo timer :wink:


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        im not sure how it would work cos to have the engine running the chip in the key has to be within a few inches of the transponder. surley removeing the key will just arm the immobilser.

        unless the chip in the key is just to get the the car started then it doesnt search for it after.

        id look into it before buying.
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          Well my old astra G had a turbo timer on it and that had the transponder in the key too - it worked fine!!

          I think the biggest problem with the VXR is the dreaded CANBUS system, which may make it very difficult to fit it.

          If you do manage it, pop the results (and some guidance!) on here!!
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            I knew a bloke that had a turbo timer on his Astra G GSi and it worked fine

            The only prob was the locking and alarm did not work properly with the engine running and you had to wait for it to stop before you could double lock it.

            Astra H and the CAN-BUS will be a complite mare. leave alone

            just remember a few simple things
            Dont boot it for at least 1/2 mile before stopping and turning off
            try to idle it for about 1 min after stopping before turning off

            If you have been racing and pull up i some times open the bonnet with it still running to allow the heat out as the turbo will be red hot (nice to see @ night)


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              like alex says astra h canbus systems are a nightmare dont even go there

              and if you do expect electical faults galore, all i had was alarms fit and it f**ked mine up bigtime !!!

              just let it cool down for a few min at tickover and it will be fine :wink: