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Recall Re Front Suspension Bump Stops

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  • Recall Re Front Suspension Bump Stops

    Just recieved a letter from Vauxhall re front strut bump stops not being in place.

    Have you had the letter? Good to know they are sorting this, I'd noticed my car being harsh when hitting bumps so possible cause could be this problem.

    First paragraph:

    Customer Satisfaction Program-Front Struts

    We are writing to advise you that in line with our commitment to continuous quality improvement, it has been established that a number of Vauxhall Astra Models could be affected by the front suspension strut being manufactured without the shock absorber bump stop. As a precautionary measure we have decided to call in a number of Astra's to have both struts inspected and replaced if required.

    Your vehhicle falls within the specified chassis range of possibly affected vehicles and therefore needs to be checked by an Authorised Vauxhall Repairer. The check and rectification will of course be carried out free of charge.

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    But what will happen with regards to the people who have had lowered springs fitted? May not be worth it
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      Yes, I have had this notice sent to me as well, mine has been inspected by my local Vauxhall dealer and no fault was found , but they did change my spark plugs at the same time and also replaced the missing screws that held my front bumper to the wheel arch protector as they seem to missing altogether! , so I think my car is now all up to speed with all the recalls!? :wink: , did not cost me a bean so it is worth getting it checked and they should check up on all the other recalls at the same time.
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        Originally posted by Dazturbo6502
        But what will happen with regards to the people who have had lowered springs fitted? May not be worth it
        I have the Eibach Pro Sport kit 888 springs fitted and spoke to local dealer and car must be checked to make sure bump stops are present as damage to strut and possibly top mount could occur if there is no bump stop


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          Yes I got this letter today, I called the dealers and they said there was another check on the `Ignition coil` Cars booked in for next Saturday morning.