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Spanner light and ESP light and Cut out

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  • Spanner light and ESP light and Cut out

    Just dropped my girlfriend off and driving hoome, the spanner light and ESP light came on, no obvious signs of power loss. Pulled over and switched off, left for a min then restarted and it cut straight out.

    Im thinking Spark Plugs / Coil Pack...Anyone?

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    probably coil pack and spark plugs, although i am sure that there is also an ignition fault aswell to be aware of but i am not sure what it is, i know it was mentioned on here, mine has started doing it again


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      The cutting out on start up sounds like the faulty CIM problem. I had the same and it's been replaced under warranty.

      Although my car is affected by the coil pack and spark plug recall thing, I've never had the problem you describe. I guess it could affect some cars worse than others though?


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        The engine light comes on when the EMS cuts in to restrict power.
        Sounds like electricals.
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