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octane booster

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  • octane booster

    seen some on courts site and was wondering if anyone on here has used any before, do you simply pour in a bit into the fuel tank and thats that ? sounds good adds 2 octane
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap

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    I dont think much to the stuff really. I aint mechanically minded but I dont see the point in it if you are using 99+ octane fuel in the first place.

    Im not bad mouthing anyones products/services, but Shell, one of the largest oil companies in the world, develope their brand of high octane fuel, probably spending millions of pounds to get the best out of it. Not only have they likely not accounted for 'octane booster' to be mixed with it, why tamper with a developed, completed, quality product...

    Maybe if 99 octane was a bit expensive for someone, and they used the stuff with 95, but god knows what it would do to an engine.

    Just my 2 pennies

    Oh and in answer to your question, like you say you just stick some in when you fill.


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      Dont bother.

      Only worth doing if the car specifically needs higher octane petrol, eg some Jap Imports need it to take it over 100 RON


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        If you have a fuel card where they will only let you buy unleaded and not super it must be worth a go then.....

        I run it on BP 95, but without paying for it I will have to use some sort of octane boost...

        or is like getting the fastest CPU in your pc, you think its quicker but in reality it ain't....


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          it does help

          Gives a better burn and a better throttle responce.

          Also found better mpg as you dont need as much throtle for the same speed.

          If your going for the CS3 i would recoment it if you can get it cheep enough.

          Darren ran it all the time in his old Astra GSi with a CS3.


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            yes i use to run with it all the time helped loads especially in mid range try some and see wot you think


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              Does Sarahs bus get it now mate or not.


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                sometimes give it a little now and again dont get to drive it as much as i want