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m32 gearbox noise in 3rd and 4th

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  • m32 gearbox noise in 3rd and 4th

    Evening all,

    Last week I noticed a particularly concerning gearbox noise, its particularly bad in 3rd and noticeable in 4th, As ive got to 90k on the clock on the original clutch rather than waiting for this to become a big issue I pulled the box out this weekend to change the clutch, DMF and see if it was the end case bearing.

    After removing the end case I cant convince myself that its the usual bearing that goes as there is no sign of pitting on it and in all honesty its not the same noise as the numerous videos of the whining. to give an idea of what it sounds like when my mate first heard it he thought it was a tappet. Checking 3rd and 4th gear on the shaft there does appear to be some lateral movement of the gears on the shaft.

    I'm assuming that this isn't supposed to be the case and shows a bearing heading towards failure? the box is going to a transmission specialist who have quoted me £480 to change all the bearings in the box, which to be fair seems like a reasonable price.

    Would you agree with my limited diagnosis above or should I be looking at anything else, the syncros dont seem overly worn and the selector forks dont look bent though not sure if you can tell by looking at one?

    And on a side note anyone know where the best place to buy a LUK clutch kit with bearing and DMF from is?