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New Tyres?

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  • New Tyres?

    Has any one tried Uniroyal tyres?? W Rated, Are they any good for the vxr ??

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    dont know

    TOYO T1-R's every one rates these.


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      These are quite cheap thats all, just wondered if they were ant good or not.


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        Originally posted by Barnes
        These are quite cheap thats all, just wondered if they were ant good or not.
        Would say if thay are quite cheap than may be not, but not use uniroyal for some years thay did make good wet weather tyre at one time. For all your tuning needs


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          it`s the rainsport, they are made by continental. get them for about £120 each.


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            Summer tyres PROXES T1-R
            235/35 ZR19 91Y RF Rim-protection With only £ 128.30

            Summer tyres PROXES T1-R
            225/40 ZR18 92Y RF Rim-protection With only £ 90.50


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              I second the Toyo's, Had an M5 before my Van with windows..... VXR

              They were way better then the dunlops and pirellis in the wet and dry on the back.

              They dtill broke loos under the strain but were alot better at getting the power down.

              Great tyres and Great price.

              I will be fitting them to my van when the time comes....

              around 3k the ways things are going.


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                I am deff going with the Toyo's on the change, i know they maybe more money but I feel they just offer the best solution to grip and power transfer.


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                  Babe you need to be looking here as this is the [rice for the std crap as fitted by VXl.

                  Summer tyres SportContact 2
                  235/35 ZR19 91Y XL with rim protection With only £ 162.70


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                    Driven a few fast cars with Goodyear Eagle F1's, and the handling has been outstanding. Even when otherl tyres would lose grip accelerating out of a corner the F1's just haul the car round. A bit soft, so depends on your driving as to how long they will last!

                    Also the Pirelli P1's are a good choice.


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                      the thing is with tyres
                      is either loads of grip or not.

                      Loads of grip and wear out quick.
                      no grip last for ever and a day.

                      Toyo are one of the best upper mid range tyres i have every had.

                      Wanted Yokahama's but their are too soft but well grippy not good for a VXR.


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               seem to be the best price for Toyo Proxes and apparently do try to better their quote price of £ 133.80 on the phone.
                        I can't vouch for that as gospel as i aint re- negotiated with vauxhall to increase their £200 voucher offer to a couple of Proxes yet.
                        Dont think mytyres will take a vauxhall "gift" voucher somehow


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                          Ok Just ordered the Toyo`s. They seem to be the prefered replacement.

                          Thanks for the advise.


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                            Good man

                            was it from my tyre site

                            dont worry if thet dont feel that good for a start give them about 1000 miles to scrub in then you'll find them very good.


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                              Yeah, 19" £128