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Few Mods And Sods on order ☺

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  • Few Mods And Sods on order ☺

    So after buying my first astra VXR I'm loving every minute of it. Had got its problems but mostly wear and tear.

    I've got on the way to me atm
    Hybrid turbo cartridge (from turbo rebuild)
    Upgraded valve stem seals with retainers
    Forge recirc valve
    Timing belt kit and water pump

    Still to order
    Clutch kit ( having remap at later date so need advice on staying with standard LUK or go for a stage 1-2 kit as only a stage 1 map)
    Milltec cat back
    Cross over delete and decent induction kit ( any advice appreciated)

    It's on 124k full service history so I'm doing majority of it for piece of mind. But the turbo replacement I's due to oil seals so puffing blue smoke.
    And the diaprham has split on the RV so may aswel upgrade to forge.

    Of outside to fit new crankshaft sensor as this one has had its day.

    For those that have similar symptoms this could be your fix,

    Struggling to start
    Rough idle
    Cutting out at idle
    Rough running on boost

    Usualy when the engine is hot you notice the faulty sensor as the wires expand inside and start to short out. It won't always bring a light on but probably show z code if you do the brake and throttle test. 033504 would be the code for crank sensor.