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Signed My Death Warrant!!!

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  • Signed My Death Warrant!!!

    Hey Lads/ Ladettes.

    Came you all you bout 2 months ago asking if i should add Xenons on as an option. Happy to say that i've ordered the car 2 weeks ago. It feels like ages before i get it. The options i got :-

    Arden Blue
    19" Alloys
    Rear Parking Sensor
    Xenon Lights
    Leather Seats
    Electric Windows (Fold Ins)
    Climate Control

    I got all this for £21500 Which i feel is a good deal as drivethedeal .com was offering £21200. Bought if from the Vauxhall garage on Garscube Road Glasgow. Rather buy it in person than off the internet, just my preferance. What do you lot think of this deal?

    Also another question. Might sound a bit stupid but forgot to ask in the show room. Is the 'Sport Mode' Button included as standard? Was under the impression that this was part of the Computer option you can get but was advised against this. Now it just seems like everyone on here has it.

    Cheers Paul

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    Sports button does come as standard.

    also that deal looks good to me.

    When do you get it??

    Welcome aswell!!


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      Got it bout 2 weeks ago. The longest fortnight of my life. Supposed to get it for the 07 reg but told him i was getting a private reg anyway so couldn't give a hoot. You need to get one with a car like that. How long you had yours for?


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        Yep, i'm afraid that luckily for everyone - the sport button is standard, as Mel said x
        If it wasn't there'd be alot of unhappy ppl on here
        as for price you paid yes it is good as i paid that for just Arden blue paint, 19's and CDC40 lol x
        welcome to the site and enjoy your stay x


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          Got it end of July 06. Still have the massive smile on my face

          The smile has increased with the mods tho


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            got it??? sorry i ordered it 2 weeks ago. D'oh!!


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              Originally posted by greendog69er
              got it??? sorry i ordered it 2 weeks ago. D'oh!!
              do you have a delivery/collection date yet?


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                What is it you've done to it? i'm not planning to do anything with it yet but i'm sure that'll change when i drive it out the forecourt! lol


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                  nope. Nothing yet. could be early or later. hopefully earlier. the wait is killing me!


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                    Paul, whatever you got i want some!!!
                    Just on the site and the women are all over you........legend


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                      I did say i wasn't going to change it.... but i did!

                      Oct 06 I went to stage 2 with a full miltek plus added carbon around my cd player to match the door bits..... then 2 weeks ago I went to stage 3 which is a new map and a new intercooler.

                      In standard mode I have about the same power as I started with but it's now very smooth throughout the gears and the power is constant then in sports its like a lion untamed!


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                        lol or was that leg end?


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                          Hi bro good price on great car u will love it.

                 For all your tuning needs


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                            Cheers everyone.

                            Was going to get a house but thought... you can't drive a house so used the deposit i had saved to order it. Still costing me £400 a month so looks like i'll be sober for the next 5 years til it's paid off.


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                              Originally posted by m4rtc
                              Paul, whatever you got i want some!!!
                              Just on the site and the women are all over you........legend
                              we know what you're like thats why