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Actuator setting and 110612 fault code

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  • Actuator setting and 110612 fault code

    Hi all.
    Im currently strugling with 110612 fault code. Car was overboosting to 1.3bar then cutting fuel after around 4000RPM it was lowering to 1.1bar. Problem was solved by changing athmosferic pressure sensor. After that car drives normally again. But fault code stays and its still overboosting to 1bar, 1.1bar peak. Im curious about actuator setup up. Its should be 7-8mm for stock VXR right? Mine is screwed right at the end of rod. Is that the problem or its just how someone tried to fix it by setting it up like this? I dont want to break anything. Should I set actuator like in stock or leave it and start changing parts like boost solenoids, maf, map, dv etc. Maybe someone had same problem like me.