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  • Battery top up

    My Vauxhall battery goes green then black alot , battery is 4 year old but was on car for 18monhs with out starting so changed for a cheap battery that keeps going flat , charged vaux battery but indicator keeps going black move car it goes back to green

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    If the battery has ever gone flat mate you want rid of it as it'll never hold charge the same again. I bought a silver 50000 start one from halfords which has an indicator. I keep a trickle charger on it 24/7 as I rarely use the car. Keeps it in tip top nick.

    And those indicators seem to reset whenever the car is started again for some reason I've noticed.
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      Seems ok at mo got spare ready


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        Mine did that..As soon as it died I replaced it.
        Got a really good deal from Euro Carparts. My son OJ found a good discount code too
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