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Need help with my vxr boost problem

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  • Need help with my vxr boost problem

    Hi I am new to the forum and have only recently got a vxr and I'm looking for some help as it's not running right. If I put my foot down under 3000rpm it starts to boost then cuts out into limp mode with error code 1106 boost donar signal is not in target area although if I put my foot down above 3000rpm it will boost but will only boost to 10psi. I have tried winding the boost up to no difference and checked the vacuum pipes which seem fine . The car has a piper cross air filter a remus exhaust and a bigger intercooler as far as I know and its had a service oil change new plugs new oil filter etc . It pops and bangs loads and uses a tank of fuel in about 150 miles . I have checked the maf sensor which looks fine and dont really know what to do next to fix the issue I am tempted to see if a rear bcs delete would solve the low boost issue ? If anyone has any ideas and could help it would be gladly appreciated thanks.

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    I'd reset the boost actuator and check it and the wastegate operate freely throughout the range. Also get a readout of what the map sensor thinks the pressures are and see if that corresponds to the boost gauge.