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Revised VXR may be on the way.

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  • Revised VXR may be on the way.

    Speaking to a contact i have in the motoring press, they have mentioned that there is now talk of a Revised faster Astra VXR. They said the story should break soon.

    Does anyone know about this ?

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    Duplication thread - original story starts here:


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      Could it be a form of the "sprint car" or one off like the "stealth"

      If I could take a guess it would be a mildly mapped car with the Vxrpc/CS I/C or an exhaust.

      Doubt it would be anything like the S3 cars we already have unless Vaux upgrade the brakes and then you have to think...."how much would you be prepared to pay for an Astra "

      Price is at the top of what most would be prepared to pay already.


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        I understand that the idea for a revised VXR is conceptualy simple, however two things must be considered. First is the cost of re-homologating the vehicle when GM as a company is trying to cut cost per unit expenditure, they would have to make the guess as to wether the very small volumes that would be sold can either firstly cost recover this or if the publicity value for the Astra brand would cover the expense. I realise that the cost will be very small, but it's still cost they could push to other more mainstream projects.

        Second though is the effect on CO2 output as the VXR is currently just below the threshold of the dreaded band G 225g CO2. Above that and the risk of having to pay gas guzzler penalities which in London will be higher parking permit prices and possibly increased congestion charge fees would come into effect - and lets not forget the motor industry is struggling to meet the voluntary agreement on CO2 reduction promised to the EU in 2001.

        And finally don't forget how the motoring press produces some real drivel. A favourite sport of Industry execs is to feed some duff story and watch it run while quite often the stuff written is so off centre that the suspicion is that it's made up. Having said that, turning up the power on a VXR would hardly challenge, so it'll probably show up at Geneva!!


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          Maybe there will just be more added to the options list, like the exhaust that is already on the list. Unless they are going to fit CDC as standard as that was a consideration at the start.