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New Civic Type R vs Astra VXR

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  • New Civic Type R vs Astra VXR

    Source Autocar Aug 05/Jan 07

    Astra Honda
    0-60 6.4 7.4
    0-100 16.4 18.4

    50-70 4 5.3
    in 4th
    weight 1344 1338

    £ 19120 17600/18600

    However wet accelerations times for Civic


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    I hate the new Civic, it's ugly.

    And the Astra destroys it anyway .

    Pay for that more money than for a VXR?

    How much PS (bhp) does the new Civip Type R have?


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      i think i read that it has 197bhp.

      i quite like em. not as much as my vxr tho
      stage 2 vxr

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        Im surprised by just how much the civic is destroyed in figures by the astra. That said I am also slightly relieved.

        I still think the Honda will be a top motor, guaranteed fun and despite being slightly slower could be an "always in my rear view mirror" contender.

        The inside has been revamped which adds to the weight of the car.


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          IF THE FIGURES ARE WET than what are equally wet times for the astra and what will be the dry figures?


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            Surprised by the weight. So the civic has more weight than the last model, but the same power. Oh dear.


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              think i will be keeping the vxr , you would think that honda would make the typeR more powerfull to compete with the hot hatches about at present :?


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                That's what I call ugly . Futuristic bread box, would just need to be able to fly.


                • #9
                  I'm gonna get shot here but I actually quite like it
                  I like the colour too - how about a VXR photoshop using that yellow?


                  • #10
                    just a shame that the concept as seen above looks much more aggressive than the production model which appears to have lost that edge


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                      Originally posted by VXR Jon
                      I'm gonna get shot here but I actually quite like it
                      I like the colour too - how about a VXR photoshop using that yellow?
                      I quite like it too except I just don't like the backend! I've seen quite a few of the other models on the road and they look alright but still don't like the backend!

                      It will be interesting to see if the Type RR ever surfaces!


                      • #12
                        i think the new type r is stunning

                        but not as nice as my astra


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                          I think it looks great. If it had the option of white and 19's like the concept I would be half interested.

                          But it doesn't have the power imo. If its 1300kg or more with 197bhp thats only 150bhp/ton which isn't that impressive compared to other hot hatches on the market.

                          Tuning will cost more than the vxr to get significant gains too.

                          Still a nice car though.


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                            In Top Gear magazine a while back I read there may be a Type RR along later with more than 197bhp


                            • #15
                              I think the VXR is better looking...