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A bit confused

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  • A bit confused

    Hey guys,

    i Bought my vxr last thursday and im not realy sure what has been done to my engine tuning wise

    theres a courtenays blue tubing kit under the bonnet, with a k'n'N filter, a baileys bump valve,

    its got a stainless exhaust from turbo back with a twin exit backbox

    is there anyway i can tell if its had a remap etc, and also what power should it be running, as is

    i want to take it further but i need to know where im starting from, lol

    any help would be greatly epreciated

    Cheers, Ryan

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    Have you tried contacting the previous owner and asking him/her what they had done to it??


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      yea the previous owner didnt have it long as he was given a company car by work, he didnt bother to ask what was done to it ??

      is there any way of checking if its been remaped ?


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        Depends what remap is on it but if you put it in sport mode and it takes off then it's remapped or dyno test it.
        What about the owner before him then?? I personally would try to get in touch with the person that did the mods....


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          what car is some pics some one may know it
          WARNING all replys are incorrect as usual


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            Heres some pics guys

            Anybody recognise it, dont know if its been owned by a member before
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              thought i recognised it off here



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                so according to the owner it has the exhaust etc, but no remap
                GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!


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                  yea thats the one mate, thats what i was thinking, no mention of a remap


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                    so no remap but at least as it seems it has a full exhaust you can go straight to stage 2
                    GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!


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                      The blue hoses dont do anything for the car, just looks better.

                      The dump valve and K&N inductiion kit along with the exhaust are after market modifications and would need to be declared to your insurance company, if you do not and have a crash they will void your warrnety.

                      Never seen that tail pipe for a VXR so would assume its not a 'vauxhall' approved exhaust either. It is impossible to tell from the pic's if it has been re-mapped. You will need to speak to the previous owners or have it 'tech 2'd' to find out if it has been re-mapped - if ity has that would need declaring to your insurance aswell for the same reason as above.

                      You really need to speak with the previous owners and should have asked these quentions when you brought the car really.


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                        well i have declared what i know but the guy selling had no idea about the remap, thats why im asking,

                        is it worth ringing around the tuning companys to see if they got my reg on file or wont they be interested

                        the backbox is custom from powerflow


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                          is it just back box or fullsystem?

                          how many previous owners apart formt he guy you bought it from>?
                          GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!


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                            theres a full stainless system on it, but the backbox has been changed?? dont know why realy

                            i havent recieved the log book yet so ill look into the previous owners when i get it

                            how much difference would the remap make to the the car at this stage, i suspect a rather large one haha, and how do the current mods affect the power with out the remap


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                              that exhaust dose look nice I like the look of that
                              the truth is out there
                              part GSI part VXR
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