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  • Neck and Neck

    Last night myself and a nurburing had a wee bit of a race then a blast flatout down a straight private road and it was absolute neck and neck there was not an inch of play between the two cars until he backed off, which is what i had expected.

    One thing i did notice is how twitchy his was at the back when hard cornering it was all over the place, im not sure if it was his driving but i was on his tail with out any movement from the rear of mine. i think he may have been taking his foot off and back on to make it step out.

    I stopped and got the crack with him afterwards and he was convinced his had more torque than mine but i ensured him that as i had the exact same remus as he has there is no way he has more torque. He had the 18 which was the only difference. ( he folowed me to ask if i had a dump valve)?!

    Im going for stage 3 next month with my local thorney dealer in caithness so will be visiting my friend with the burger again for round two.

    Please not this was done on a private road and not on the main roads as that is dangerous and utter stupidity. i would not recommend anyone to try it.

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    lol gooood race

    COuld be the car could be the drive hard to say why back end was all out

    I thought be about the same due to that you have the remus
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      it was mate absolute neck and neck right till both cars were flat out full speed he backed off a wee bit so i took the opertunity to overtake and took it to warp factor 9.


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        I'm pretty sure by bolting on a Remus on it's own you loose a bit of torque but gain a bit of BHP?

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          Originally posted by R i c h a r d View Post
          I'm pretty sure by bolting on a Remus on it's own you loose a bit of torque but gain a bit of BHP?
          Not sure about that - but it would be the same power as a std Nurburgring



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            both cars had exactly the same spec from standard bar me having the dv and filter although i dont think the filter gives much of an increase (certainly didnt notice it anyways), only difference was wheel size although as both cars are basically the same bar the wheels there was no torque difference.

            I did notice he was getting up the gears quicker than me due to his wheels been the 18's which ment he got to top speed quicker and i had a slightly higher topspeed.

            I was not aware that fitting an exhaust would drop torque, i was under the impression that fitting one gave more torque and more horses?!


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              Originally posted by zletsgo View Post
              Not sure about that - but it would be the same power as a std Nurburgring

              me to?!

              Yes i can confirm exactly the same power as the standard burger, if anything the nineteens gave me better handling but i think it was driver ability and tyres/wheels etc etc. Was as close as two coats of paint!

              It was pretty wet on the road i had the conti's and he had the standard tyres released on the burg.

              Cnt wait to get the stage three, im almost willing to sell my liver to get it now!