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Bad vibrations?

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  • Bad vibrations?

    Hi there, i picked up my second hand Astra VXR last weekend (from a Network Q Vauxhall dealer). But i've started to notice vibrations through the wheel (1st and 2nd gear approaching 2000rpm). I've driven a couple of VXRs recently and i can't remember the vibrations being anywhere near as noticable. Is this normal, or could there be a problem with the exhaust? It has done about 14,000 miles Any suggestions welcome.

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    could be wheel balance or bent loose exhaust get it back to the dealer, they should sort it out i dont get any vibration from mine is it on 19's.The exhaust can vibrate if they are not fitted right at the back end
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      and welcome aboard. For all your tuning needs


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        thanks Dave - it's on the standard 18in rims. The thing is, it's supposed to have been checked over before i got it. I've been looking on the forums and seen some posts about the manifold and bolts coming loose. I was wondering if that might have something to do with it?


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          would bet a months salay

          wheels need balancing


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            Normaly you can accelerate out of the vibration if its the wheel balance, ie if it vibrates at 60mph when you get to 80mph it goes away. BTW Welcome and get it back to the Garage.