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    Took a trip down my local Vauxhall dealership today (Thurlow Nunn, Fakenham) for a couple of things. Number one was to check on the recall I read about in this thread:

    The girl on reception basically told me I was talking *******s, she hadn't heard about a recall so refused to check for me! I asked her to check anyway, and she said "No, there's no point in doing that". I was a bit annoyed by this so I persisted and she finally tapped something into her computer and told me that no, my car was fine and that I was worrying about nothing! I'm now worried that she didn't actually check at all.

    Next on my list was the oil change that you guys all recommend after 1000 miles. Again she basically told me that I was talking ****. I mentioned this website, and she said she'd heard of it. So I explained that pretty much everyone on here suggests an oil change. She claimed everyone was "misinformed". I said "Can I get it done anyway, despite what you say?" and she replied with: "No, we won't do that unless its due for an oil change. At the mileage it states in your manual." I asked if she was sure and she said: "It's really as simple as that."

    Thirdly, I mentioned the parking sensors which I'd asked about just after I bought my car (from a different dealership in Cambridgeshire, over 2 months ago). Back then they told me it was impossible and would void my warranty but they'd look into it (have never heard anything from them, despite about 10 phonecalls). I now know what they said is *******s after seeing countless people get sensors fitted on here. So again I mentioned the site and that people on here had got parking sensors retro fitted at Vauxhall dealerships. She that that was "unlikely" (WTF?) but she got the parts guy to come over, and he backed her up and AGAIN said it wasn't possible on a VXR. I asked why and he said something about having to fit a brand new rear bumper and that it probably wasn't worth the hassle. I asked if I could get it done that way (I had no intention to, but meh.. I was getting a bit ****** off) and he said no. So I left.

    I wish i was making this up. But they are without a doubt the shittest dealership I've had to deal with. They have no people skills at all and were talking to me like I knew **** all about my own car, and that I was lying about what I knew.

    I'm pretty ****** off atm.

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD Vauxhall place in Norfolk? I'm almost willing to drive the 2 hours to the place I got my car from.

    Rant over.
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    pm vxrdave on here, he lives in norfolk and travels a little BUT gets bob on service there


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      Try Giving Hartwell, Norwich North a bell. I've never had any problems and always get good service from them.


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        print this off

        And ask her in what way does this recall not apply to your car. I'd go back there just to spite the cow.

        Not so sure if we're supposed to have acccess to the above ? might be internal only. Perhaps somebody on here can advise ?

        if not, just quote the reference number at the top and ask her what it is. And ask what engine codes it applies to, and what yours is etc.. will be good to see her do some work for a change


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          Print off this thread and other threads relating to your points and go in with them. explain the dealership has now been rubbished etc and that they clearly dont know what they are talking about


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            Go to another Dealer they are useless....

            And yessss you can have an Oil change when ever you want

            She is lazy mood and slacking in her job.
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              I can’t believe she said no to a 1000 mile oil change! It’s like they don’t want your business, id never go back to that dealer m8.... And I believe you should have a 1000 mile oil change!

              Women sounds lazy to me like dtox says!
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                Ring up the dealer principle and complain about her.
                She is costing that dealership lost work. Even the recall the dealerships get paid by vauxhall to do. and the oil change even if it was unessersary (which its not) the dealer should be happy that you want to spend extra in there. On a vxr you should have the oil changed every 5000 miles anyway. One of the main reasons for turbos going is oil contamination where there hasn't been clean enough oil and it blocks up the oil feeds causing oil starvation


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                  well to be honest you dont really need an oil change at 1000 miles, its not the 80's anymore but if you want it done then they should do it, i think an oil change every 5k is fine but thats just what i do.
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                    I was in at vauxhall today and my friend was telling me that after the first service it is every 20,000 that a service is required, that would probibly explain why they use Mobil 1 as it has such good longevity.

                    My dealership are very good and the person that told me about the service information has worked at vx for over 15 years so pretty much trusted advice.

                    Some like to change there oil every 3000 and thats a good idea but its not on your service plan so its not essential.


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                      She must be the twin sister of the gal at my local dealership!


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                        just find a dealers you like
                        I have a a few good ones near me
                        the truth is out there
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                          a 20k service life is to keep Fleet managers happy thats all
                          if it's your own car do it every 5k as a oil service is Cheap you could do it your self for £20 a time
                          an its a 10 min job start to finish only a few tools needed
                          the truth is out there
                          part GSI part VXR
                          tyre shreding tarmac terrorist


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                            Thanks for the advice guys. I'm gonna contact a different dealer tomorrow to double check on the recall and probably go elsewhere for the other stuff.


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                              try thurlow nunn is dereham ask for mark at the service desk and when you get there have a word with darren in the workshop (thats the dealership vxrdave uses)
                              for all your VXR tuning needs phone courtenays on 01692 404313 or vist