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  • Jump start

    Has anyone tried to do this? gonna tell you it is the easiest car i have ever had to do it in couldnt believe it when i tried it let it roll for about 2 secs then lift clutch and away you go and i wasnt on a massive decline either maybe 15 Degrees

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    do you mean a bump start mate? Not had to do one yet thankfully - flat battery?


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      Best not to do it as it risks unburnt fuel getting to the cat, which destroys it.


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        I always use to bump my old fezzy remember the good old days about once a week I was so tight to buy a battary

        yea how I done it is hit about 10mpg put it in 2nd gear with the clutch fully in then slowly lift the clutch up

        But I dont think We can do on the vxrs due to the Button Never really tried it
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          Well ignition on is ignition on whether it's button or key.

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