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  • 3 months on

    managed to tap the brakes as the abs self test kicked in, and the car jolted really hard. was quite surprised! (that, or i touched the brakes harder than i thought)

    anyway, i thought after 3 months of ownership and 3000 miles id give my over all opinions on the motor.

    for starters, i bloomin love it!!!

    but ive had the odd niggles, rattly windows, rattly exhaust etc...

    and i have been beaten by an audi rs4 tonight, but, i have to expect it really, haha.

    dont enjoy watching the fuel evaporate as i touch the accelerator for more than 30 seconds, and the seats are giving me a bad back on long journeys (and im only 21! my back should never be bad!)

    the car seems to have a mind of its own, most of the time it wants to be a whippet, but now and again it pokes around and potters, or so it feels (maybe because i run on 95 most of the time)

    but yeah, still probably the best £19,000 ive ever spent.

    just had to get it all off my chest

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    How badly were u beaten by the RS4 - tell the story... did you do enough to surprise him?


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      Get some super in there!!! You do know that the 237BHP is *only* when using super unleaded? I'm sure you'll love it even more.

      The handbook actually states economy will drop when run on 95ron petrol...
      Nova 1.6 16v TB's DTA 1/4mile 14.8s


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        Originally posted by VXR_James
        How badly were u beaten by the RS4 - tell the story... did you do enough to surprise him?

        Probably surprised the Audi driver that he even tried


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          well, from the first set of lights i buggered up a bit, so he pulled away quite fast, but from the second set of lights, i gave it my all (with the 'fun' button pushed) and although he was pulling, it wasnt a huge gap. still rather fun. the rs4 sounds very nice at max chat!