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  • dump vavle

    Has anyone had a dump vavle fitted to there astra vxr, does it mess the ecu up ???

    Help !!!!!!!

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    lots of articles/post about dump valves on here

    but basically the astra vxr does not ultimately need one !
    if you like the chav ppppssssht sound great fit one..
    but you wont get any extra performance , and although some peeps have fitted them and ran with no issues , loads have had the spanner appear on their dash followed by a trip to the stealers...

    my view and it is my view is it is a chav thing that most younger guys want to fit ...almost like listen to this i got a turbo car... but i think a waste of time...spend that money on something more worthwhile that gives performance or handling gains


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      If you want on I got one from Courts
      Blue hose pipe
      Blue vacume Hose
      baileys Twin Piston DV26 Sliver.

      all Set up for the astra VXR up to u

      50 pounds plus postage u can have it
      Mods: 300+ Bhp Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition #560
      Stage 3 Courts / LSD / Carbon splitter and Rear Diffuser / Lightened Flywheel / Helix Sports uprated Clutch /1.9 CDTI airbox conversion with tophat conversion / RARB / DAP-RACE Springs / Tarox 340mm 10 POT / + ALOT ALOT more.