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Beware the scratched alloy!

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  • Beware the scratched alloy!

    Hi all, my 1st post here & the proud owner of a 2 week old VXR - luving it though after having the 1.6 SXI for a year hardly a surprise. Before SXI had an Integra & as haven't blasted new VXR yet, still not sure how it compares against it. But expect a close run contest when she ready to be fully opened up.

    Anyway my problem - only went a kerbed an alloy on Sat! This is an issue with the 19" alloys - hardly anyone can fix them due to the polished finish. Aaarrgghhh!

    I have found a company in Kent, Lepsons ME7 1YQ 01634 580 582, who can fix these alloys but need 3 days at min to do so. This very handy when we have no spare with the VXR!

    Looks like I'm solving my issue by ordering a new single 19", when comes will swap out damaged 1 then pop over to Kent & drop off for repair. At least will have a spare thereafter!

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    I personally wouldnt bother repairing the spare... its only a spare!

    Glad you're loving the new motor


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      Don't think the 19" wheel will fit in the wheel well, so would be pretty rubbish for a spare, lol. (unless you're leaving it in the garage or something, lol).


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        If you live anywhere near manchester (although see you saw company in Kent) look in the car parts section of the forum and a discount can be offered to you with the code I posted.

        If you need any further info please wisper me.

        Astra VXR SMD Conversion, a couple of window stickers, front VXR badge and someone stole my rear VX badge!!! TOTALLY PIMPED OUT