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Where To Get A Dump Valve Fitted ?

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  • Where To Get A Dump Valve Fitted ?

    hey guys i got an asta vxr 06, was wonder if anyone knows where u can get a dump valve fitted, dont know anything about cars so rather it done proffesionally. i live in south wales near swansea, so was wondering if anyone knew of any garages or summin like that. heard dump valves dont sit to well on the vxr but others on here have said they had no probs others said get a diverter but there we are, any replies with info on this will help cheers keep up the good work

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    I also heard on hear that dump valve are no good on a vxr cos their turbocharged and have a constant spinning valve intergrated in the turbo which does the same as a dump valve but without the wwhhhhooosssshhhh!.But you can still fit one for the sound.


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      get your self a
      the truth is out there
      part GSI part VXR
      tyre shreding tarmac terrorist